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Spring / Summer 2012 Lookbook

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Clap Your Hands – J Dilla Freestyle

“I got this one on a cassette from T3 circa 1997.  I’m not sure what it was for, or why Dilla had this on tape, but I thought it was hilarious.  “Shut the Fuck Up and listen to this… this.”   This kind of style was typical for our crew at this time – we were just finishing up the Fantastic Vol 1 album.  It was never about what they said – but instead how they said it.  We called it “R.A.W.” –  Rugged And wild.  And that is exactly what this one is – tape hiss and all.”

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RA Takeover: Release Party @ Bar D

Tuesday, January 17th. Thanks to everybody who came out and supported, the RA Takeover was a huge success. Go to our Facebook Page to see the rest of the flicks…see you at the next event.

The Boom Bap – Tuesdays @ Bar D

Rotating Resident DJ’s: Demon –  Matrox – L – Tramlife – Habitat – Syko – Sweetchuck

Release Party @ Bar Dynamite

We want to thank everybody again for coming out to the Release Party at Bar Dynamite. We’ll keep you posted on our upcoming events for those that missed out.

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7 New designs are available now for Summer 2012!

Exile at El Dorado

Exile killed it on the tables and on the MPC at El Dorado. Played exclusive new tracks that he produced and all the classics.